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EST S.A. - Financial Services

As an independent financial services company in international markets, EST has been active in wide range of markets and businesses providing efficient and skilled services since 1995.


  • Bank Account Management
  • Escrow Agent Services
  • Process Agent Services
  • Fiduciary Services
  • Financial Consulting

Bank Account Management

Companies, both large and small, require opening and maintaining of bank accounts. Choosing the right banks for your needs is an essential part of your business.

With more than 25 years of experience with banks in financial sector, EST provides services to open, manage, maintain an overview of various bank accounts, process international payment transactions, checks the fees applied to the bank accounts, control the risks and provides the necessary reporting.

EST SA - Bank account management

Escrow Agent Services

Parties to a transaction need a trusted, independent third party to hold and disburse assets such as sale price of a transaction, documents and shares in accordance with the terms and conditions of the transaction. Companies and natural persons purchasing real estate, trading with goods and services and handling similar transactions need an independent and trusted agent for safekeeping of the assets. As an independent financial intermediary, EST acts as escrow agent in transactions free of any conflicts of interest.

Process Agent Services

A process agent is a representative upon whom court papers may be served under English laws. If you do not have an address within the United Kingdom, EST can be appointed as a process agent and contractually agree that service at the address of EST’s UK office will constitute proper service for the purposes.

This role is vitally important for transactions with suppliers and banks in the UK. EST, as an independent, reliable and trusted party, can accept service of notices, proceedings or legal documents on behalf of your companies.

Fiduciary Services

EST, an accredited financial intermediary, has extensive expertise in assisting its Clients in preparation and maintaining their companies’ accounts and financial statements in accordance with the local or international regulations and coordinate the financial audits. EST assists the Clients in personnel administration including handling payroll and social security administration. With many years of experience, management of EST can help your companies in obtaining the necessary work permits for their foreign employees.

Financial Consulting

EST has been working with clients over 25 years to develop financial plans for their companies, investments and business linked insurances by providing information and guidance on topics such as business planning, investments, risk management, taxes and insurance decisions.

EST’s highly skilled and experienced managers with expertise offer personalized and tailor made financial advice to you by focusing on financial needs of your business and industry.

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